Six tips for preventing STD and HIV


According to statistics, the spread of HIV and STI is on the rise in most parts of the world. The bad news is that most STIs that affect people don’t show symptoms to alert you until its too late. The fact is that you cannot completely protect yourself from STI’s and HIV there are many things that you can do to lessen your chances of getting them. If you were wondering how to prevent yourself from STD and HIV, then keep reading.

Abstain from sex

If you don’t have sex, then you can completely protect yourself from HIV and STI without many problems. However, the truth is that we are all human and this is a choice that most people are never willing to make. Instead of having sex, you can show your partner affection by hugging, kissing, massaging just to mention few. You can start getting intimate when you are prepared to stay committed to one other.

Always use condoms

2You can practice safe sex when you are prepared with male or female condoms. However, the ugly truth is that sex can sometimes be unexpected and you might give in to the temptation of having unprotected sex. What most are not conscious of is that having unprotected sex even once with someone who is not your partner can cost them their lives. Always make sure that you only have sex when you have protection and remember to use the condoms properly so that they don’t burst.

Go for testing frequently

If you enjoy sex with multiple partners, then it’s essential to go for regular HIV and STI testing. Its worth noting that some sexually transmitted diseases and HIV can take months or years before getting detected on test results. Thus, you should always go for STI and HIV screening after every three months if you have many sexual partners.

Stay away from alcohol and drugs

Taking alcohol and other drugs can lead you to make poor decisions that you will regret in future. It’s easy to start having unprotected sex if you smoke joints or have drinks regularly. If you find yourself in environments where people drink and get high, you must have a rule of staying away from sex. Always go with a friend to parties, for instance, to ensure that you go back home together and not with someone else.

Have one sexual partner

If you have many sexual partners, then your chances of getting HIV and STI’s ate very high. If you cannot abstain, ensure that you cut the number of the people that you enjoy sex. Also, don’t forget to choose your sexual partners carefully. Before accepting someone as your intimate partner, they should get tested for HIV and STD’s.


Don’t be forced into sex

Both partners have to agree to have sex so that everything goes well. If you feel that your partner is trying to force you into sex, then don’t decide just because you are afraid of a breakup. You have the right to say no to sex when you feel you are not comfortable. Yes, you heard me right!

Head Knocks – The science behind the injuries


We all know that head injuries tend to be dangerous. Scientists and healthcare professionals have proofs for the statement as they have seen several cases like that over the years. In sports, everyone is prone to injury, and head injury has become something very frequent nowadays.

Repetitive head injuries

ghdhd74Reports are stating that repeated head injuries are causing increased memory loss and depression problems among retired athletes who suffered from such injuries. Some are even facing long-term effects of concussions and traumatic brain injuries caused by violent hits in the head.

Research says that in the sports field, there are around 300,000 head injuries a year. Some players face long-term effects of repetitive head injury when playing sports. Over the years, scientists are trying to understand the differences among these injuries. Some are seen affecting the players intensely whereas others seem to be very normal.

The knowledge of knowing in-depth about these concepts will help them in treating the players and making them recover faster and protect them from future harms. A sudden blow to the head might lead to a concussion, which will lead to temporary damage of the brain’s activity.

Symptoms for Head Injuries

There are some symptoms which you should be aware of when you have head injuries which are as follows:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Persistent headaches
  • Disturbances in sleep
  • Memory loss problems
  • Difficulties in concentration

Some of these symptoms might subside soon, but some will last longer for weeks or more. Studies have also proven that repetitive head injuries are leading players to severe long-term symptoms which will need a lot of time for recovery and sometimes they will not recover completely.

Slowing down the pace of brain

Some of the concussions and its damages are hard to detect with usual procedures like CT scans or MRIs. Researchers have tried researching these in animals for over the years, to see the changes taking place in their brain. The force which pushes the brain against the skull when you have a head injury is the cause for the concussion.

This sudden movement causes damage and tear in the brain cells; it differentiates the electrical and chemical balance in the cells function. This might lead the person to injury to a highly stressful state which will even make them lose the functionality of their body parts or even death in certain cases.

The long fiber cells in the brain which helps in communicating with one another swells, which makes the signal sending process stop. Too much of swelling might even cause brain cells dying to make the person die.

ghdhgd74Though they are said to recover, some are facing long-term health issues due to the concussion. Still, there are several types of research going on which will someday find a way to make us recover from this type of severe injuries and states of brain damage.

If you are a football player, check the link for the best helmets that can protect you from head injuries while you are playing.

4 Proven Health Benefits Of Meditation


Meditation has been widely used to activate physical relaxation and calm. Some people do not take this practice seriously probably because they do not understand how it may improve their quality of life. Research has shown that meditation has numerous health benefits. By taking a few minutes every day to meditate, you will be boosting your health and overall quality of life. If you did not know, learn some of the proven benefits of meditation here

Different health benefits of meditation

It lowers high blood pressure

Meditation has been proven to bring blood pressure to normal. This practice is commonly recommended for young adults who are at risk of high blood pressure. If you are at risk of hypertension, meditating at least once every day will help you lower the blood bring to normal.

It improves immune system

retryntherg5tSome of the major factors that lower your immune system are anxiety and stress. When your body is stressed or is under anxiety attacks, it becomes weak thus vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses. Meditation relaxes the body thus eliminating or reducing various chemicals induced or associated with stress and anxiety. When these chemicals are eliminated, the body becomes relaxed, strong and able to fight different diseases. This improves the body’s immune system.

It boosts self-acceptance and self-esteem

Meditation helps us to be more aware and in control of our thoughts. When we understand our thoughts, we become more aware of ourselves thus accepting the way we are instead of judging ourselves. Once we accept ourselves, we start developing self-confidence by replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

It improves the quality of life

This is the overall benefit of meditation. When all mental and health benefits of meditation are combined, our quality of life improves. Meditation is helpful in decreasing anxiety and stress, increasing happiness and creativity, improving emotional stability and immune system, and eliminating stress-related illnesses. All make our lives better.

rg54h6tjhfgrThis practice is also very useful for pregnant women as t enhances connection with their babies

For you to get the benefits of meditation, you should practice it regularly. Make it part of your daily routine and you will enjoy all the benefits. The practice can take only a few minutes daily and you will be good to go. Another advantage is that you can meditate almost anywhere as long as it is a calm environment. Therefore you can meditate at home or even at work.

4 Ways That Sugary Soda Is Bad To Your Health


Most of us, if not all, consume sugary sodas almost every day. In many countries, sugary sodas are among the most consumed drinks. Unfortunately, most of us do not know the health dangers we are putting ourselves at by consuming sugary sodas. These sodas usually contain high levels of calories that induce numerous health dangers too our bodies. If you did not know, here is a place to know some of the dangers of sugary sodas

List of health dangers of sugary sodas

1. Increases weight gain

Sugary sodas do not lower ghrelin (the hunger hormone) thus they do not make you feel full. This means that you will consume the same amount of food just as if you did not take anything. This food is added to the extra calories obtained from the sugary sodas. Therefore your body is supplied with excess calories that lead to weight gain. Studies have shown that sugary sodas are among the top fattening aspects in today’s diet.

2. Increases insulin hormone resistance

Insulin is the hormone that drives glucose into body cells from the bloodstream. Studies have found that when we consume sugary sodas, our body cells become resistant to insulin effects. This forces the pancreas to produce more insulin so as to remove glucose from bloodstream. The insulin level then becomes very high, a condition referred to as insulin resistance. This condition is a risk factor for metabolic syndrome, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

3. Increases risk of cancer

nyjhnvbmkvhgrCancer is usually associated with other diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Studies have found that people who drink high amounts of sugary sodas are at high risk of developing pancreatic cancer and endometrial cancer (which develops in the uterus’ inner lining). These beverages are also said to cause cancer reappearance. Another study also found that patients with colorectal cancer and who drink sugary sodas are at high risk of death. Therefore sugary soda drinkers are at a high risk of developing cancer.

4. It causes dental problems

These sodas contain acids such as carbonic acid and phosphoric acid, which make teeth susceptible to decay. The bad bacteria present in the mouth also get easily digestible energy from sugary sodas. A combination of these bad bacteria and acidic environment in the mouth causes dental health problems.

Avoiding these health dangers do not necessarily mean kicking these sugary sodas out of your life completely. The best thing to do is to significantly reduce the amount you consume.