Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet: Everything You Need To Know

yrtut487t54  Avoid following celebrities into some fad’ diets. Some have not been scientifically supported. You might end up piling up more weight while on some of these diets such as paleo raising the health risks. Paleo is a common diet for the celebrities: Low-Carbohydrates, High-Fat diets. The hype around these diets by media and celebrity chefs and other reality shows is just influential. However, the growing popularity of these diets is just a worry for many. There has been little to no scientific evidence for health benefits to support these diets. Adherent to LCHF diets is known to consume more fats, fiber and proteins unlike low sugar and starchy diets in the ordinary Western diets.

Common aspects of the paleo diet include seafood, fresh fruits, eggs, vegetables, seeds and nuts, grass-produced meats, and healthful oils like walnut, olive and macadamia as well as avocado and coconut oils. The diet recommends that one avoids cereal grains, legumes, refines sugar, dairy products, processed foods, potatoes, refined vegetable oils and salt among other foods.

What risks come with Paleo diets?

While the diets seem very effective and highly nutritious, there are a number of health risks that come with it. Having fiber, fruits, vegetables and fewer fats could be a good way to lose weight. The diet too can help to lower blood sugars since there is less carbohydrates intake.6578umhgfgftytui

On the contrary, Paleo diets could cause extra pounds to accumulate. The weight won’t just fall off due to the LCHF diets. Lipids could accumulate in the liver regardless of the body weight due to high dietary fats. This impedes the insulin performance on handling hepatic glucose production. People who are already overweight are known to be highly at risk with the Paleo diets. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, or have diabetes, this diet could be a major blow to your health. There is increased risk of health problems when one is on paleo diets. The weight gain issues may cause high blood pressure issues, bone problems, anxiety, arthritis, and depression among other issues. Blood sugars are also likely to get high with high insulin levels thus developing diabetes.

In a typical paleo diet, this is what you are likely to eat:

  • Snacks – carrot sticks, celery sticks or oranges.
  • Breakfast – broiled cantaloupe and salmon.
  • Lunch – lean, broiled pork and salad.
  • Dinner – steamed broccoli, salad, strawberries for desert, and lean beef sirloin tip roast.