4 Ways That Sugary Soda Is Bad To Your Health


Most of us, if not all, consume sugary sodas almost every day. In many countries, sugary sodas are among the most consumed drinks. Unfortunately, most of us do not know the health dangers we are putting ourselves at by consuming sugary sodas. These sodas usually contain high levels of calories that induce numerous health dangers too our bodies. If you did not know, here is a place to know some of the dangers of sugary sodas

List of health dangers of sugary sodas

1. Increases weight gain

Sugary sodas do not lower ghrelin (the hunger hormone) thus they do not make you feel full. This means that you will consume the same amount of food just as if you did not take anything. This food is added to the extra calories obtained from the sugary sodas. Therefore your body is supplied with excess calories that lead to weight gain. Studies have shown that sugary sodas are among the top fattening aspects in today’s diet.

2. Increases insulin hormone resistance

Insulin is the hormone that drives glucose into body cells from the bloodstream. Studies have found that when we consume sugary sodas, our body cells become resistant to insulin effects. This forces the pancreas to produce more insulin so as to remove glucose from bloodstream. The insulin level then becomes very high, a condition referred to as insulin resistance. This condition is a risk factor for metabolic syndrome, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

3. Increases risk of cancer

nyjhnvbmkvhgrCancer is usually associated with other diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Studies have found that people who drink high amounts of sugary sodas are at high risk of developing pancreatic cancer and endometrial cancer (which develops in the uterus’ inner lining). These beverages are also said to cause cancer reappearance. Another study also found that patients with colorectal cancer and who drink sugary sodas are at high risk of death. Therefore sugary soda drinkers are at a high risk of developing cancer.

4. It causes dental problems

These sodas contain acids such as carbonic acid and phosphoric acid, which make teeth susceptible to decay. The bad bacteria present in the mouth also get easily digestible energy from sugary sodas. A combination of these bad bacteria and acidic environment in the mouth causes dental health problems.

Avoiding these health dangers do not necessarily mean kicking these sugary sodas out of your life completely. The best thing to do is to significantly reduce the amount you consume.